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One key tip for asking for a prenup

If you want to ask for a prenup so that you know how your assets are going to get divided, you may feel nervous. People often think of prenuptial agreements as something selfish or at least self-serving, which isn’t exactly the mood you want to set before your marriage.

However, the best way to ask for it may be to point out that you and your spouse are about to sign a contract when you tie the knot. That’s what your marriage agreement really is. When you put your signature down, you agree to an open-ended contract, the details of which will be sorted out in court if you get divorced.

Instead, you can write the contract terms on your own by using a prenup. You don’t have to plan to get divorced, but a prenup allows you to keep more control over your future by establishing the terms of your marital agreement. Doesn’t it just make more sense to know in advance what it is that you’re agreeing to when you marry?

If you do use a prenup, the property division process can get much easier. You can protect your assets, define what assets you’re both bringing to the marriage, and determine what happens to your assets in the split. It can’t be too one-sided or exploitative, but it saves you from the shock of losing assets you thought you’d keep due to a judge’s ruling at the time of the divorce.

Whether you have this contract in place or not, divorce can be complex. Be sure you are aware of your rights, the legal options you have and what steps to take to make the process fair and as simple as possible.