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Divorce in the age of social media

Divorce isn’t quite as private as it used to be. With the rise of social media, details like marital status are often widely known. If that status changes, you can count on your friends — and even those who don’t know you very well — seeing the change.

Navigating social media during the split can be tricky. To help you, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Memories may show up without any input from you. For some, this can be emotionally challenging. Facebook and other sites do this automatically, though.
  • You do have options. Do you still want to be friends with your ex? Would you rather cut that tie? Are you planning to block them entirely? You need to do what feels right for you, not what anyone else says.
  • Don’t post about the divorce itself. You don’t need to put any drama on Facebook or write anything that you regret. Remember, you can’t take it back and it may show up if the two of you wind up in divorce court.
  • Don’t insult your ex. Keep things civil. A divorce goes smoothly when there is a low level of conflict, so you don’t want to manufacture extra conflict.
  • Remember to update the profile. There are stories of people forgetting and leaving themselves listed as “in a relationship” long after it has ended. Eliminate confusion for others by making that update.

Divorce may no longer be as private as it once was, but you can still reach the goals you have for the process. Just make sure you know exactly what legal steps to take.