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Questions about birthday parties for your child after divorce

After you get divorced, your child is still going to hit all sorts of milestones. They’re going to have birthdays, graduations, enjoy the holidays, get a diver’s license and much more. You and your ex need to figure out how you’re going to handle these events and milestones.

Let’s take a look at birthday parties. These can be very challenging, and all divorced couples need to carefully consider what they would like to do when planning their children’s birthday party. Here are a few questions to ask as you mull it over:

  • Do you want to have separate parties or would you prefer one party that you both attend?
  • If you choose to have separate birthday parties, are you going to end up competing with each other and taking the focus off of your child?
  • If you choose a joint party, whose house is it going to be held at?
  • Who gets to do the planning and decide who to invite? How are you going to handle extended family members?
  • Are you going to talk to one another about the gifts that you’re buying?
  • Does your child custody agreement say anything about these parties or do you want to address it all over again every year?
  • Who has physical custody on the actual day of the birthday and do they ultimately get to decide what happens?

Most of all, as with any child custody questions, you really just want to ask what is going to be best for your child. That should always be your goal. Carefully consider your options and your rights as you seek that outcome.