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Explaining your divorce to your children will take time

As a parent about to divorce, one of your most important tasks will be explaining things to your children. It is essential to think carefully about how you will break the news to them. Telling your kids about your divorce is the opening step of a two-way conversation that will likely last for years.

Children will take time to process what you say

This is probably the most significant announcement that has ever happened in your children’s lives. Just because they don’t ask you any questions immediately, that doesn’t mean that they understand everything. It may be that they don’t have the means to process it or express their concerns yet.

Some of their questions may surprise you

Children might ask you about something that happened long ago. They often feel that they are responsible for the divorce and try to pinpoint it on one event. While this may seem utterly irrational to you, it is genuine to them.

While it is essential to be honest with your children, that doesn’t mean you need to tell them everything. When they ask why you are getting a divorce, consider what they do and do not need to know.

Children want to know how your divorce will affect them

Children need to understand how their life will change. Provide as much detail as you can. Things that seem trivial to you, such as where the dog will sleep, might matter a great deal to them.

Divorce can be a stressful time for everyone. Getting sound legal advice can take some of the strain off you. It will allow you to spend more time looking after your children’s emotional well-being.