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Will dedication to your career or business cost you your marriage? 

As a successful business owner, you know that only one thing brought you to that level of success: Your work ethic. You have put in an incredible amount of work, from 16-hour days to months without a day off. This is the most important thing in your life and you want to see it succeed. You’re willing to make sacrifices to get there.

But is this going to cost you your relationship with your spouse? You may feel like you’re working this hard for your family, but do they share those feelings? 

Your career can certainly take a toll on your relationship

Business experts are quick to note that this type of devotion to a career can definitely impact relationships in a negative fashion. You only have 24 hours every day. If you spend none of them with your family because you’re always at the office or asleep, it’s easy to drift apart. Your spouse may decide they need a new relationship with more of a personal connection, even if that means a less affluent lifestyle. 

There’s also the risk that you’ll be thinking or talking about business when you are home. You may want to vent or complain. You may just be unable to stop thinking about the company. You may start working from home on your phone or laptop, even when you’re not in the office. All of this can also cause your spouse to feel abandoned and alone, which may lead to divorce. 

If your business ambitions do lead to a marital divide, the split could get financially complicated. To protect yourself and your company, make sure you know what steps to take to exit your marriage with your finances (and future) intact.