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Is your marriage heading toward divorce?

When you got married, you probably thought that you had forever. Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. Divorce occurs quite often, so being prepared for it if your marriage is deteriorating is critical. 

Several signs signal that your marriage is ending. If you notice any of these, take steps to repair the marriage or prepare for your divorce. 

You don’t care

As your marriage dissolves, you’ll probably find yourself caring a lot less about what happens. Interestingly, you may not fight as much as you did earlier in the marriage. This might be because you’ve emotionally checked out of the marriage.

Communication is lacking

You may not really talk to your spouse anymore. Things that you used to share with them may not feel worth it now. Because communication is valuable in a solid marriage, the lack of it is a sure sign that something’s amiss. You may even turn to your friends when you need to vent or have good news to share, but not wanting to talk to your spouse is certainly a problem.

Dreams about the future are different

When you first got married, you probably had dreams about a future with your spouse. If your dreams are trending more toward being by yourself, you might subconsciously realize that a future with your current spouse isn’t really what you want or need. 

Anyone who thinks their marriage is ending should ensure that they learn about their options. Knowing what options you have may help you feel better as you go through a divorce. Working with someone familiar with situations like yours might be beneficial.