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The effects of custody battles on children

Custody battles may spiral out of control and become feuds pitting you and your ex-spouse against one another. In such cases, the child’s best interests may no longer be a priority since everyone wants to have their way.

Unfortunately, children bear the scars of these battles between parents. This is because they are not mature enough to understand the ongoing conflict between their parents, and it may affect them psychologically or emotionally.

How is the wellbeing of the children affected?

Ideally, both parents should be involved in the child’s life. However, when either of you is out of the picture, it could affect the parent-child relationship, and your child may view it as abandonment. Parental alienation is also a reality, especially among couples whose divorce was acrimonious. All these things have the potential to scar your children emotionally, now or in the future.

The child’s living standards may also be reduced, which could end up affecting their quality of life. For instance, traditional family outings which they enjoyed may no longer be a thing. In addition, constantly being on the move or multiple relocations may affect your child’s social skills. Children need stability at home and school to have a sense of safety and belonging.

In the end, parental conflicts trickle down to the children, so you should make any decisions revolving around custody with them in mind.

Navigating custody issues

The interests of the child should always come first, no matter the differences between you and your former spouse. In the best-case scenario, you can both reach a mutually agreed co-parenting arrangement. However, if you and your ex-spouse cannot find a middle ground, it may be time to explore other options which will ensure the child’s welfare. It could involve modifying an existing custody order or getting a new one if there is none in place.