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Judge leaning towards joint custody in Ciara and Future case

North Carolina fans of Ciara or Future might be interested in learning that the judge in their custody battle is reportedly leaning towards granting Future's request for joint legal custody. Sources indicate that Ciara requested sole custody of their 2-year-old son.

Divorce on the rise for older adults

Divorce rates among older couples are on the increase as rates among younger people continue to steady. People at or over the age of 50 were two times as likely to divorce in 2014 than in 1990, and those over 65 were even more likely to do so. In North Carolina and throughout the country, the rise in divorce rates among older people has a number of causes.

Three ways divorce can affect a business partnership

Divorce is hard enough when it's just two spouses dividing assets from a marriage. But when one of the former spouses is a partner in a small business, things can get complicated for the business partner, as well. Here are three ways that a divorce can create ripple effects for a business partner of a person getting a divorce:

Why it's so important to manage your post-divorce finances - II

Last week, our blog began discussing how even though the prospect of starting a new life post-divorce can undoubtedly be exhilarating, it eventually become somewhat disconcerting at least as far as money is concerned. That's because the newly divorced person may find out after only a few months -- or even weeks -- they are not as financially comfortable as they hoped they would be.

Prenuptial Agreements: Stepping Stones to a Fair and Honest Future Together

Looking for a good reason to adopt a prenup? We can give you a few. Among them, one is laying a firm foundation on which to build a marriage. Couples who have clear expectations, realistic financial views and the communications skills needed to discuss this topic that is less than romantic are well on their way to an honest and workable union. In addition, if you are too shy or too reluctant to discuss money with your significant other at the start of your marriage, odds are good you will be forced to discuss it with their lawyer in the future.

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