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The case for a premarital agreement

In the rosy light of a blossoming romance, it’s easy to forget about the long-term practicalities. Whether you have proposed over champagne and roses or you asked the most important question of your life after a sunset stroll on the beach, you are likely basking in the the moment.

So, it probably doesn’t feel like the ideal time to broach the topic of a premarital agreement. While it may not be the most romantic topic to discuss over dinner after slipping a diamond ring onto someone’s finger, there are many valid reasons to consider getting a premarital agreement.

Not one-sided documents

One of the most common misconceptions about premarital agreements is that they only protect the party that brings the most financial wealth or most significant assets to the marriage. These initial disclosures can allow you to start out on the same page without secrets. And premarital agreements must be fair to each party.

Your individual circumstances

Just as every relationship and subsequently every marriage is unique, every premarital agreement considers the individual circumstances of each party involved. For example, if one person is coming to the marriage with significant wealth and a full-time job while the other is planning to stay at home and raise children, the premarital agreement can take into account these plans and offer each with protections.

Premarital agreements protect both parties

These agreements can prevent future issues surrounding finances and are designed to benefit both parties involved. Any couple about to walk down the aisle and begin a life with one another can benefit.

It may seem uncouth to discuss — or even think about — the topic of divorce in the glow that follows an engagement. However, it’s important that you and your intended think ahead to the future and put plans in place that will protect both of you in the event that forever after takes a different direction.