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Answer These Questions If Considering A Premarital Agreement

Pitching a prenuptial agreement to your future spouse can be an uncomfortable task. Though they are often practical documents that navigate financial formalities, a prenup can seem cynical and unromantic. In truth, however, a prenup can protect you both and ensure a sound foundation for your marriage.

Reasons To Get A Prenup in NC

Reasons to get a prenup vary and will depend on your unique circumstances. At Kennedy Law Associates, our attorneys help clients throughout the Charlotte area in assessing whether a prenuptial agreement might make sense. If you are contemplating a prenuptial agreement, consider the following questions:

Do You Or Your Family Own A Business?

If you have worked hard to build a successful business, it is prudent to take measures to protect your enterprise. Under North Carolina law, your spouse could potentially gain a sizable portion of your business in a divorce. Should this occur, you might have to consider a costly buyout, sale or closing operations. A prenup agreement may allow you to avoid an untenable situation.

Does Your Future Spouse Hold Considerable Debt?

A prenup can ensure that hefty credit card balances or student loans incurred before marriage do not become your responsibility if the relationship ends. Our team has a strong financial background and can help you determine whether a prenuptial agreement might address debt imbalances.

Do You Have Children From A Previous Relationship?

When you already have your own children, the division of your assets after death or divorce can lead to conflict. While certain estate planning measures can help, a prenup is also a useful component for protecting your children’s interest in certain assets down the road. A seasoned lawyer can help you prepare a prenup that meets your unique needs.

Do You Have Significant Real Estate Holdings?

If you own real estate that was purchased prior to your marriage, you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement or other mechanisms to protect this asset. There are numerous ways you can protect your ownership interest as well as the income you may generate from rental properties.

Have Additional Questions About Prenups In NC?

Please visit our Family Law FAQs page for additional answers to frequently asked North Carolina family law questions.

Let Us Help You Evaluate The Need For A Prenup

Our Charlotte prenup lawyers will take the time to understand your short-term objectives as well as your long-term goals and then evaluate your unique financial situation. For more information, send us an email or call us today at 704-512-0619.