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Is a premarital agreement necessary for young couples?

As a young couple, you may not think that a prenuptial agreement is necessary, but the reality is that it could help protect you in the future even if you don’t have many assets now. Premarital agreements may not seem attractive to you, especially if you feel that they show a lack of trust. It’s important to relieve yourself of that notion because a premarital agreement can be protective for you and your fiancé.

There are dozens of reasons to look into getting a premarital agreement. Here are some that you should consider as you look into getting married.

  1. You have higher earnings than your partner does right now

One good reason to get a premarital agreement is that you earn significantly more than your partner. This can help you be sure they are marrying you for who you are rather than your bankroll.

  1. Your partner, or you, have a significant debt load

Whether it’s credit card debt or student loans, if you have significant debt or know that your partner does, a premarital agreement can help you address that issue. Your agreement could be used to ensure that neither of you end up saddled with the other person’s debt in the future.

  1. You don’t earn as much as your partner

If you don’t earn as much as your partner, you may want to ask for a premarital agreement, too. You may ask for a settlement that will help you financially if you divorce, for example, or take other steps to make sure you’re protected despite earning less.

  1. You are getting remarried and have a second family

Although it’s unlikely at a younger age, you may want a prenuptial agreement if you’re getting remarried. A premarital agreement could help you protect your first or second family, children or others who could be impacted by the new marriage and a divorce or death.

These are a few reasons to look into getting a premarital agreement. Making the right agreement now will help you protect yourself during your marriage and in the case that you divorce in the future.