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What should you do if you think your ex is hurting your kids?

When parents emerge from divorce, they generally expect a relatively smooth custody and visitation experience. The court order detailing the child custody plan is supposed to ensure that kids have time with each parent in a safe and secure environment.

Unfortunately, post-divorce life as a parent is rarely as easy and peaceful as most people believe. Any number of things can arise that put your well-laid child custody plans in jeopardy, including the possibility of child abuse.

Report your suspicions immediately

Instead of violating your child custody orders by not allowing your ex to visit, report your concerns to your attorney and the family court system. You may also report the circumstances to Child Protective Services.

All family courts take allegations of child abuse or neglect seriously. In most cases, the court will launch an investigation into your allegations. You can expedite this process if you can present evidence to support your claims of abuse. Examples of evidence that may help your case include:

  • Photos of unexplained injuries
  • Official medical reports
  • Statements from the child
  • Eyewitness accounts

People cope with divorce in different ways, and some may be unable to cope at all, which can lead to child abuse. Children need contact with both parents, even a parent that harmed them in the past.

Guidance from a legal representative can help you find a solution for you, your children and even your ex. For example, requesting a modification of your child custody order can remove your kids from immediate danger without denying them the love of both parents.

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