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How can you find the best custody arrangements?

Divorcing when you have children means you have additional issues to sort out. One is how your child will split their time between you and their other parent.

Creating a parenting plan can help bring focus to the issue. Otherwise, it is easy to make assumptions about how much time you will be able to dedicate to your child.

If you are both legally registered as parents, North Carolina law does not require you to make a custody agreement. If you think you can work things out between you, it is happy to let you. If you find it challenging, consider using a mediator. They can help you find common ground, which you can then put into a formal arrangement for a court to approve.

As with any plan, the more detail you include, the better, yet you are unlikely to get it right the first time. Rather than considering a plan as something you make once and stick to rigidly, consider using the plan, do, review model.

  • Plan: Draw up your initial plan
  • Do: Try it out
  • Review: Think about what is working and what is not

The model is cyclical. Once you have done the review, you go back to your plan and adjust it. You then try the new version out before discussing what is working and what you could improve once more.

Do we need permission to make changes to the parenting plan?

If a court gets involved in matters, you need to return to them if you wish to make significant custody modifications. For example,  if the current arrangements put your child at risk or if one of you wants to move away with your child.

There are several ways to settle custody. Getting help to understand more can help you make the right choice.