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When to consider a prenuptial agreement

If you are marrying in the near future, you probably have a lot on your mind, and one of the things you may be considering is whether you ought to put together a prenuptial agreement. Essentially, “prenups” are legally binding contracts that make certain determinations about matters that relate to a couple, although the exact material covered in such an agreement will vary broadly from one couple to the next.

Divorce may be the only option in some cases

Married couples in North Carolina and around the country are sometimes able to salvage relationships that may seem beyond repair to their friends and family members, and even betrayals like acts of adultery can be overcome when spouses still have affection for one another and work together to solve their problems. However, there are situations where the behavior of one or both of the spouses involved becomes so toxic and destructive that divorce is the only viable option.

High number of wage garnishments for child support

Some North Carolina parents who are not receiving the child support they are supposed to get may turn to the court system for help. This could result in the parent who is not paying support being the subject of a wage garnishment. A study by the ADP Research Institute found that about 7 percent of workers throughout the country had had their wages garnished in 2016, and the most common reasons were unpaid child support closely followed by consumer and student loans and back taxes. More than 70 percent of workers with wage garnishments were men, and a significant majority of those garnishments were for unpaid child support.

Things for older people to consider in a divorce

North Carolina residents who are 50 and older may be twice as likely to get a divorce as people in the same age group were in the 1990s. While the divorce rate is down among most age groups, it has increased for people ages 50 and older. These so-called "gray divorces" can jeopardize the retirements of the people involved in them because they have less time to recover financially and build up funds. Divorces for this age group can be expensive if the estranged spouses are fighting over assets.

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