Divorce with Dignity Workshop

Divorce With Dignity

Conquer the Mountain

Presented by The Grace Institute, LLC


A workshop designed to help people facing the end of a marriage overcome the emotional setbacks and begin to restore and rebuild their lives with grace, optimism and dignity.

The end of a marriage, no matter who ends it or how amicably it is terminated, is damaging and challenges the very foundations of our being, our self-worth, self-image, faith, beliefs about family and ability to trust. The effects reach beyond us to our children, friends and families. It has become almost expected in our society that people facing divorce should do so with anger and malice. It is our sincere belief that this only causes more loss and destruction. This workshop is founded in the belief that with the proper support and personal reflection anyone can transform divorce from an experience of destruction and failure to one of renewal and growth.

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Workshop Leaders:

Marsha C. Kennedy, J.D.Marsha Kennedy
Workshop Author & Leader
Attorney, Mediator and Parent Coordinator

Founder of The Grace Institute, LLC, and a graduate of The University of North Carolina with a B.A. in Speech Communication, Ms. Kennedy received her J.D. from the University of Georgia School of Law. Ms. Kennedy practiced law in Chicago, IL, and in Charlotte, NC, and also has a background in financial planning services. She is a certified Family Law Mediator and a Parent Coordinator. In response to her own divorce, Ms. Kennedy has led divorce recovery workshops in the Charlotte area since 2001 and is a Stephens Minister. Ms. Kennedy practices family law and also represents victims of domestic violence through various pro-bono programs and has been a volunteer attorney for the Council for Children's Rights. Ms. Kennedy has teenage twins.

Course Outline

The Light in the Valley
Alpine Start
The Climb
Planning the Climb
The Tools Needed
The Peaks
The Gifts of the Mountain
The Emotional Challenges of the Climb
The Climber
The Summit
The View from the Top
The Other Side

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