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A Creative Custody Arrangement Could Be Right For Your Family

Your children’s best interests should always be at the forefront when determining a custody arrangement, and that can require creative scheduling. At Kennedy Law Associates, we work with divorcing Charlotte couples as they come to custody arrangements that suit their families’ needs — no matter how unconventional they may seem.

Not everyone is beholden to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. If you own or operate a business, the time you spend with your children may not fit within the confines of a traditional custody arrangement.

An Array Of New Approaches To Sharing Custody

Several increasingly popular creative custody approaches allow divorcing North Carolina parents more flexibility. Examples include:

  • “Bird nesting:” This form of joint custody, known as “bird nesting,” allows for children to remain in the same home while parents alternate their time living there. This is a unique arrangement that can make sense for individuals who own multiple properties.
  • Sharing the home on weekends: Similar to bird nesting, when co-parents maintain an amicable relationship, they may be able to share a residence on weekends to afford their child more stability.
  • Integrated schedules: Instead of using entire days or weekends as units of custody time, some parents are able to integrate their schedules and spend different portions of individual days with their children. These arrangements call for close cooperation, but can prove beneficial.

The end of a relationship is disruptive, but with a little creativity, both parents can remain central figures in their child’s life. At Kennedy Law Associates, our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience resolving complicated family law matters. They have the tools to help you reach an adaptive schedule that best fits your family.

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