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Preserving Your Child’s Best Interests: Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

Regardless of the issues you may have with your former spouse, when both parents are fit, maintaining stability in the lives of your children is crucial. At Kennedy Law Associates, we work with Charlotte parents to develop workable custody solutions. These are some common questions that we encounter:

Can you seek temporary custody while you await a permanent custody decision?

A temporary custody order is often used to stabilize what can be a volatile situation for a child. You may also need to request an emergency custody order if you are prevented from spending time with your child or your child is put in harms way while with the other parent.

In instances of domestic violence, temporary custody orders can also be used to protect a child from danger.

If both parents share joint custody, is child support still necessary?

When there is a disparity in how much each parent earns, then a child support award is common.

Can a grandparent obtain visitation rights?

Divorce can, on occasion, have a collateral impact on extended family members. In some cases, grandparents may seek visitation rights or custody of their grandchildren. In the State of North Carolina, grandparents can seek visitation rights as a part of a larger custody order.

How does a judge ultimately determine physical custody?

The Judge for your custody case will aim to protect the best interests of your child. They will make a determination based on several factors, including the child’s health and education needs, any history of domestic violence, as well as each parent’s living situation. With child custody cases, preparation and a knowledge of the things that Judge’s focus upon is often crucial to the outcome, and an experienced lawyer can help you better present your case.

Kennedy Law Associates Can Advocate For Your Rights As A Parent

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