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What Can Google Teach You About Divorce?

When you are interested in learning more about a topic, what is the first thing you do? If you are like many, you turn to Google for an impromptu education on the subject. You may google phrases such as “best divorce lawyer in charlotte nc”, “divorce attorneys near me”, “divorce laws in north carolina“, “getting started with a divorce in charlotte nc“or even “questions to ask before getting a divorce.” While Google is an incredible resource, accurately parsing information on a topic as broad and complicated as legal separation and divorce can be very difficult.

Do not mistake Google searches for “best divorce lawyer” as a substitute for legal training and hands-on experience in handling complex family law cases. Here are a few warnings about Google information:

1. There Is A Lot Of False Or Misleading Information Out There

Because no two divorces are alike, formulaic approaches or answers are not always applicable or appropriate for your situation. Beyond anecdotal advice given in anonymous posts, an actual law firm’s site may not be too helpful either. In addition, state divorce laws vary greatly, and relying on a seemingly valid piece written by a California professor or attorney when you are in North Carolina can lead to mistakes and confusion about North Carolina laws.

2. A DIY Approach Is Rarely Prudent

Simply reading an article titled “5 Easy Steps To Divorce” will not adequately prepare you to navigate the legal system alone. Filing legal documents and maneuvering the legal proceedings is complicated.

Without an experienced Charlotte divorce lawyer, you may be prone to an array of costly errors, including:

  • Incorrectly filing important documents and missing critical deadlines
  • Operating under incorrect assumptions about property division
  • Ignoring significant tax implications
  • Failing to see the legal or financial implications of your decisions on your life after divorce

Representing yourself during a divorce is an incredibly difficult undertaking not only because of the required knowledge needed to do it successfully but also because of the emotional aspects of divorce. For these reasons, even an experienced family law attorney will generally rely on someone else as counsel for their own divorce proceedings.

3. Online Resources Can Provide False Security

As helpful as Google can be, it hard to trust their results for searches such as “best Charlotte divorce lawyers” because there is ultimately no substitute for an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer can explain how state law applies in your case and help develop a personalized strategy that will accomplish your goals. There are many nuances to properly dissolving a marriage and understanding the legal implications of your situation.

Our Divorces Lawyers Are Prepared To Assist You

Typing terms into a search bar and getting results for local law firms and lawyers doesn’t tell you which is the best fit for you, or who the “best divorce lawyer in Charlotte” actually is. How do you narrow the list? Ask questions about things that matter to you.

At Kennedy Law Associates, our divorce lawyers, in Charlotte, NC take the time to get to know our clients through an in-depth initial domestic consultation. By learning about your unique situation, your concerns, and your goals, we can craft a tailored plan that is right for you moving forward. For additional information about our team or our approach, please call us at 704-512-0619. You can also reach us via email by visiting our Contact page.

We believe our approach allows our clients not only to navigate the separation and divorce process with grace and dignity but also begin navigating a course to a better future.