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Skilled Guardianship Lawyers Protecting Rights and Well-Being

When a family member is not able to care for themselves due to age, illness, or disability, a guardian plays an important role in ensuring their well-being. That trusted individual makes vital decisions on behalf of a child or an adult that has special needs.

Selecting the right person can provide peace of mind that a loved one receives the care they need.

Experienced Guardianship Attorneys For Appointment Or Removal

The estate planning attorneys at Kennedy Law Associates possess comprehensive knowledge of state laws governing guardianships. From the moment we take on your case, we will focus on the best interests of those who require a guardian’s care and take the steps necessary should they violate the trust placed in them.

Setting up a guardianship requires careful planning. Our Charlotte-based attorneys attend to every detail and provide personalized representation to ensure that everything is done effectively and legally. We address the immediate and long-term needs of those under the care of the guardian to ensure their safety and security over time.

Sadly, not all guardians have the best of intentions when taking on serious responsibilities. While some are negligent in the administrative requirements, others take advantage of their position of power. They mismanage assets to enrich themselves or engage in misconduct that includes neglect and abuse. In those dire situations, immediate action is paramount to remove and, if necessary, replace the guardian.

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Complex legal processes are nothing to handle on your own. Let the attorneys at Kennedy Law Associates take on the challenges on your behalf. To discuss a guardianship-related matter, call 704-512-0619 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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A Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Kennedy Law Associates. Marsha Kennedy and her Associates were knowledgeable, efficient, and caring. I felt like my case was a high priority to them, and they helped me understand every step of the divorce process throughout my entire case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for assistance with a family law matter!
Jennifer Haines

Smart, Caring Staff

I am savvy financially, but had no clue about the divorce process. Through it all, Ms. Kennedy and her staff have been there for me and my kids.

The experience you need through a difficult time

Marsha Kennedy and her team has expertly handled each situation and guided me through the process.

Highly Recommend!

Kennedy Family Law did a wonderful job representing me in my divorce. Always responsive and kept me informed – they really cared about me.
Bette Frederick

Highly Recommend!

I have been working with Marsha Kennedy and her team and am so impressed with how my case is being handled.
Kelly Peterson