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An Uncontested Divorce Provides A Streamlined Parting Of Ways

If you have exhausted every means of repairing your ailing relationship, divorce may be on the horizon. As you start to move forward, however, you may be dreading what you believe to be an unavoidably long and contentious divorce process. That need not be the case.

In North Carolina, an uncontested divorce allows you to legally dissolve your marriage in a relatively amicable way. At Kennedy Law Associates, we offer legal services to help families in Charlotte navigate the divorce process as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our Divorce Lawyers Can Guide You Through The Process

In a no-fault divorce, neither party is deemed to be at fault for the demise of the marriage. While this proclamation can lead to simpler divorce proceedings, state law still dictates that certain requirements be met:

  • Complete one year of separation: To be eligible for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must first spend one year living in separate residences.
  • Establish North Carolina residency: Either you or your spouse must live in North Carolina for six months.
  • Prepare a separation agreement and property settlement: This document will outline the terms of your divorce as well as the division of your marital property.

Even an uncontested divorce, as simplified as it is, can be a complex legal process. To ensure that your separation agreement and property settlement are in line with your best interests, it is helpful to consult an attorney. At Kennedy Law Associates, we have been assisting clients with family law needs for decades and we understand the nuances and mistakes to avoid in uncontested divorce cases.

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