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Should I Get A Prenup In North Carolina?

Reasons to get a prenup vary and will depend on your unique circumstances. Our Charlotte prenup attorneys will help you answer the question “Should I get a prenup in NC?.

Can A Prenup Be Overturned?

A knowledgeable prenuptial agreement attorney can advise you on your prenups strengths and weaknesses and let you answer the question “Can my prenup be overturned?.

When Do I Need a Premarital Agreement?

As people get married later in life, premarital agreements often make sense not only in second (and third) marriages, but also in first marriages. There are several situations where a prenuptial agreement can protect you financially:
  • If you are bringing significant assets into the marriage
  • If you are a high-wage earner and do not want your income to be marital property
  • You have family assets, such as a vacation home or business, you want to protect
  • If you have children from a prior marriage and you want to protect their financial interests

While separate property does not have to be divided under North Carolina’s equitable distribution laws, there are gray areas that result in future litigation and stress if you and your spouse do not have an agreement in place.

To be valid under North Carolina law, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement cannot be signed under duress. You must provide full disclosure of your assets, and your spouse should be represented by his or her own family law attorney.